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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the scanning process take?

The length of the scanning process depends on the size and complexity of your SaaS product. However, our team works efficiently to minimize the time it takes to complete the scan without sacrificing accuracy.

What happens if vulnerabilities are identified during the scan?

Our team will provide you with a detailed report outlining the vulnerabilities we identified and recommendations for how to address them. 

How do I know if my SaaS product is secure after it has been scanned?

After scanning your SaaS product using Burp Suite Professional, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines any vulnerabilities we identified and our recommendations for addressing them. While no scanner can detect every vulnerability, Burp Suite Professional is a leading tool for web application security testing, trusted by over 71,951 customers in 166 countries with a Net Promoter Score of +73. It has been used by 16,430 organizations to secure their web applications.

How often should I have my SaaS product scanned for security vulnerabilities?

Regular scanning of your SaaS product for security vulnerabilities is highly recommended to ensure that your system remains secure. The frequency of scans can be customized based on your specific needs. Regular scanning will help identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities before they become major issues, and allow you to address them proactively.How often should I have my SaaS product scanned for security vulnerabilities?